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First newsletter coming soon.

First newsletter coming soon.

January 16, 2024

About Me

Who is Dylan Powell?

A little bit about me and what I'm trying to accomplish with this site.

Dylan Powell

Hey, I'm Dylan.

My journey into the sports world on Twitter (X) has felt like both a marathon and a sprint. Combining my interest in trending sports topics and a deep appreciation for the timeless moments in sports history, I’ve turned my passion into a daily exchange with over 60,000 followers at @PowellAnalytics.

From discussing the day's hottest sports news to diving deep into the archives of sports history, and everything in between, our conversations have become a staple for fans seeking both entertainment, insights, and discussions.

This website is my new venture – a direct extension of the dialogue we've cultivated on Twitter (X). Although it’s still taking shape, my vision for it is clear: to forge a deeper connection with our community around the sports topics we’re most passionate about.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To:

  • Trending Sports Topics: : The latest news and discussions, distilled for clarity and impact. If it's making waves, we'll discuss it.
  • Sports History and Nostalgia: Celebrating the moments, teams, and figures that have defined sports history, for better or worse, with a focus on storytelling and legacy.
  • Behind the Scenes:: Some candid thoughts on the world of sports content creation. From the initial spark of an idea to the final tweet, I'll share the lessons and successes along the way.

This journey is one we’re on together. The newsletter is just the starting point – a venue for us to experiment, engage, and extend our dialogue beyond the brevity of tweets.

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